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RJ Approaches to Sexual Harm Among Children and Youth Webinar

The March installment in the 2017-18 webinar series hosted by the Zehr Institute for RestorativeJustice will take place:

March 14, 4:30PM-6:00PM*

nusrat, Poretz and Howard will discuss their experiences talking with young people about sex and sexual harm, more generally, in ways that call forth accountability but also address the structural and cultural roots of sexual harm in our society. Poretz and nusrat have facilitated restorative community conferences around sexual harm between young people and Howard has facilitated circles with young people addressing where they learned about sex and sexuality. Using their experiences, during this discussion we will grapple with some of the hard questions about addressing sexual harm while surrounded by a culture of patriarchy, homophobia, and messaging around sex that does not prioritize consent.

Their discussion with us will explore:

  • ways of thinking about sexual harm that guide their work
  • snapshots of a case, highlighting the models and practices they apply, and
  • foundational principles, values, and ethics.

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*If you can't make the live webinar, all Zehr Institute webinars are archived and you can listen to past programs at any time.