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Restorative Justice on Campus

Restorative Justice on The Rise - Media that Matters is offering a series of public dialogues on justice. Wednesday, October 24, at 1:00PM (EST)Host, Molly Rowan Leach, will interview Dr. David Karp.

David is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Project on Restorative Justice at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. His current scholarship focuses on restorative justice in community and educational settings. He was the recipient of the 2010 Donald D. Gehring Award from the Association for Student Conduct Administration for his work on campus restorative justice. David has published more than 100 academic papers and six books, including The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Colleges and Universities (2013), Wounds That Do Not Bind: Victim-Based Perspectives on the Death Penalty(2006), and The Community Justice Ideal (1999). 

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Restorative Justice on The Rise, founded in 2011, offers free public forums via webinar platforms to share information, stories, and connection in Restorative Justice and related fields in peacebuilding. Visit their website for past podcasts, resources, organization listings and more.