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Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence Conference

This year's Restorative Justice Conference is designed to bring together survivors, community members, lawyers, teachers, social workers, students, and others to learn about domestic violence and pathways to healing. By looking at this issue through a restorative justice lens, this conference will raise awareness of the magnitude of domestic violence in our own community and generate ideas on how each of us can engage in helping repair the harm and address the social, cultural, and economic causes of the problem. Restorative justice is a victim-centered, dialogue-based practice that strives to repair the harm caused by crimes, and its application to domestic violence is a controversial one. The hope is that the more stories people hear of survivors, the more people will recognize abusive behavior in others. Some argue that restorative justice provides an alternative to the unilateral notions that a woman in an abusive relationship should always leave, and some argue that it will revictimize the victim. We encourage you to attend and listen—domestic violence cuts across all segments of society, and so does the ripple effect.

There is no fee for the keynote kickoff event on Thursday. The Friday conference fee is $15 per person and includes continental breakfast and lunch. Marquette University students and employees may attend at no charge but must register. If an attendance scholarship is needed, please email

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