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Building a Restorative Justice Dialogue Program

Based on 60 years of collective work experience in managing restorative justice dialogue programs and helping to start new programs, Dr. Mark Umbreit and Ted Lewis, from the Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking (University of Minnesota), combine their wisdom to show how new programs can set a good, long-lasting foundation.

While their insights apply well to all restorative dialogue-based programming, victim offender conferencing will be highlighted throughout the three-session course. Both youth offender and adult offender related programming will apply. After a brief overview of restorative justice, the course will focus on practical knowledge for building a strong foundation for organizational sustainability. Main themes include, stakeholder analysis, communication and negotiation skills to build partnership relationships, open collaboration between government and community stakeholders, establishing a case referral system that has a steady flow, adherence to best-practice facilitation standards that have stood the test of time according to research, building management systems for case development, client communications and evaluations, and working with community volunteers.

At the core of the teaching are anecdotes that reflect the power of transformative, heart-to-heart dialogue between victims, offenders and community members who have been prepared well for safe, constructive conversation to repair the harms caused by a crime.

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